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Mediumship, Akashic Records, Psychic, Tarot, Oracle & Lenormand Readings by Colleen Electa

Do you want to hear from loved ones in Spirit? Do you have concerns regarding love and romance; family & friends; life path and happiness?


Book a soulful session with Colleen who will analyze your current situation using her strong intuition as well as tarot, oracle and Lenormand divination systems. Be inspired! Learn what aspects of your life need to be released and what needs embraced to overcome obstacles. As a lifelong teacher, Colleen understands social/emotional development, relationships and family dynamics.


Leave each session feeling renewed ~ with a stronger sense of understanding, knowledge and self-confidence. Colleen is most known for her beautiful, channeled soul messages. Each time you listen to or reread your Spiritual stream by Colleen, you will feel a change come upon you. As an empath and clairvoyant, she senses what is happening around you. Her mediumship messages are spot-on: calming; loving; often involving music, cherished memories, and amusing commentaries from Spirit.


Colleen Electa

Skills: Education, Teaching and Experience as a Psychic Medium

~graduated from UMASS/Amherst with a B.A. in English

~earned an M.Ed in Elementary Education and an M.S.Ed. in Special Needs

~have been teaching in various private and public schools for over thirty years

~studied mediumship and channeling with Julie Ann Gadziala of New Hampshire Metaphysical

~have been participating in psychic fairs through NH Metaphysical, Central Mass Serenity and  Grimoire Academy

~completed a wide variety of metaphysical trainings and circle groups, including the following:  Reiki, Auric Record Clearing, online tarot training, and Lenormand classes

~particular expertise in working with animal totems, spirit guides, shadow work, and overcoming  obstacles and working with children





Colleen has experienced the grief that occurs when a loved one transitions. Her greatest gift is her ability to channel loved ones and guides in Spirit as well as helping seekers to know the signs and ways in which their loved ones communicate with souls on Earth.


Colleen is an empath who easily senses the feelings and perspectives of others. She is often highly accurate and perceptive. She also has wide variety of beautiful tarot decks, oracle cards, and divination tools to assist her.


Colleen incorporates the Lenormand system to clarify information. She also offers the option of laying out a Grand Tableau which helps to analyze current situations. Many aspects of the querent's inquiries are revealed.

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