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My Services


From Mediumship to Psychic Readings, Colleen offers a wide range of spiritual services.

Mediumship and/or Channeled Sessions

Colleen begins with a prayer. She sets positive intentions and blends or streams with loved ones, friends, family and guides.

Psychic and Tarot/Oracle Readings

Colleen addresses "here and now" questions using a wide variety of tarot and oracle cards and her strong intuition.

Respond to questions in writing or on audio.

When you send a questions, Colleen accesses her guides, intuition, and cards. Then she emails a response.

Akashic Records


Lenormand Readings

Colleen organizes a Grand Tableau and reads the connections within the 36-card spread.

Psychic Fairs When Possible

Due to the uncertain status of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is unclear whether large gatherings will be held. During psychic fairs, participants must adhere to safety protocols including masks.

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